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Will My Morning Jacket play any shows in 2014?



The outcome is unclear.

“We’re blessed enough to have such a diverse audience participation, seeing 40- and 50-year-olds along with 16-year-olds. Nerds and jocks and hippies and preppies, indie-rock kids and punk-rock kids, they all seem to come out to the shows. I don’t feel a particular exclusive allegiance to any of them. I think it’s part of a greater musical collective.”

Patrick Hallahan

January 2007

“When I look at some of the things that I have written, it’s just me looking back and going “Why am I so confused?” And “Why am I hurting” because I don’t want to hurt, I want to be peaceful.”
— Jim James (via stripperlikegaza)

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Bo Koster - El Lighthouse

Some solo stuff from Bo! Featuring Jay Soda from Everest and Stewart Cole from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Hot Burrito #1

My Morning Jacket — 07-08-04 KRCW Morning Becomes Eclectic


Hot Burrito #1, My Morning Jacket live

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“As long as we’ve been alive, the world has been hugely tilted in favor of masculinity and is totally fucking itself because of it. That’s nowhere close to being over, but hopefully, we’re turning the spirits back on their axis to make it even.”

Jim James (via buildings-on-fire)

January, 2013


Jim James — Top 40 Hits! 1998-2007


(from Jim James Top 40 Hits Live!, put together by Bermuda Hitchhiker)

“I never ask Jim about his lyrics, and I usually don’t even see them until we get copies (of the CD booklet), so it was really interesting to hear him talk about certain songs.”

Tom Blankenship, talking about the band’s appearance on VH1 Storytellers

March 2011

State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.), Jim James

“Lots of people like to write about how we’re crazy hippies from Louisville, Kentucky, with long hair, but they don’t write about how they felt like their brains were oozing out of their ears when they heard a song or how they wanted to cry or laugh or throw up, really feel like ripping somebody’s head off, or making love I think lots of the music industry and lots of things are wasted because people aren’t conveying emotion anymore, they’re just writing about what a band looks like or how many people were there. That stuff doesn’t matter.”

Jim James

September, 2003